The Dark Side of Ring Pop (starring Aubrey Plaza)

I would get this just to freak out my straight-laced Christian mother. Buy

I would get this just to freak out my straight-laced Christian mother. Buy




Taken from reddit but it can’t be stressed enough

Making fun of fat people at the gym is like making fun of sick people at the hospital.

"Lol wow you’re doing chemotherapy? Clearly you suck at it if you still have cancer."

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*logs in to tumblr*image

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9 Female Pirates You Should Know

When you think of pirates, you’re likely picturing bearded buccaneers or peg-legged scalawags with names like Blackbeard, Barbarossa, and Calico Jack. While most pirates were men, there were women in these ranks of raiders who were just as merciless, notorious, and feared.



is it just me or does these pics from toddlers & tiaras look creepy as fuck


American Horror Story: Toddlers and Tiaras


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It’s the 50th anniversary of The Addams Family TV show!

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The Winter of Her Despair

A symbol of strength for a traumatized nation in the winter of 1963–64, Jacqueline Kennedy was in fact falling apart—grieving and endlessly reliving her husband’s assassination, afflicted with what we’d now call post-traumatic stress disorder. Barbara Leaming, adapting her new biography, uncovers what was known to few outside the former First Lady’s inner circle: the nightmares, the drinking, the suicidal thoughts, but also the unexpected gesture that helped save her sanity.

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I went to a Women Who Rock exhibit today and it was totally gnarly.

(in order: Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, Stevie Nicks, Kim Deal, Patti Smith)

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